"A student is being bullied or victimized when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more students."

Dan Olweus, Bullying At School


"Bullies experience a wish for power that is stronger than their empthic sense, so they are willing to hurt others in order to feel powerful."

Stan Davis, Schools Were Everyone Belongs

"The single factor most responsible for putting children at risk for mental health problems is peer rejection"

Is there a definition of bullying?girlagainstwall

  • Bullying occurs when an individual is the target of any behavior that is meant to harm, is repeated over time, and is characterized by an imbalance of strength or power
  • There are four types of bullying behavior:
    1. hitting, kicking, or shoving
    2. teasing or name-calling
    3. rumor starting
    4. leaving someone out on purpose
  • Incidents of bullying may be defined as gaining control over another through the use of force, threats, teasing, or exclusion
  • Bullying victims are characterized as individuals who experience such incidents three or more times in a 30- day period

What are the effects of bullying?

  • The effects of Bullying are Systemic
  • perpetrators, victims, and those who witness bullying suffer from the effects
  • for victims, symptoms include heightened anxiety, depression, and lower sense of self-worth, in addition to chronic absenteeism, reduced academic performance, increased apprehension, loneliness, abandonment from peers, and suicide
  • bullying behavior has been correlated with fighting, alcohol abuse, smoking, loneliness, abandonment from peers, and suicide

What interventions work?

Effective programs are comprehensive, targeting students, families, and the community

  • attending to the needs of victims is as important as intervening with bullies
  • programs addressing bullying should include realistic presentations of bullying situations, role-play, and follow-up discussions



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