Praise for Everyone Belongs





Anne Arundel County

"The show was terrific and all the feedback was positive! Thanks again for a great show."
Laurie Dennis, School Counselor, Belvedere Elememtary, Arnold, MD


"Excellent show-- perfect points about bullying-- nice supplemental teacher materials & posters."
Teresa Sacchetti, Principal, Benfield Elementary, Severna Park, MD


"The kids (and adults) were blown away by your message. You captured their enthusiasm and showed them how to apply it in real life bullying situations."
Katie Epperly, PTA Cultural Arts, Shady Side Elementary, Shady Side, MD 


"The students really got into the show and the concepts! This presentation was wonderful!"
Ms. Mahoney, 3rd Grade Teacher, Belvedere Elementary, Arnold, MD

Baltimore County

"The students were engaged and enjoyed the show. The teachers also spoke very highly of the presentation-- a positive message to start the school year off with!"
Scott Taylor, School Counselor, Westside intermediate, Hebron, MD


"Very powerful! I loved how you kept the students engaged with visuals, sound effects, magic tricks and more!"
Nancy Schlenoff, School Counselor, Sussex Elementary, Baltimore, MD


"This was a fun and entertaining way to reinforce what we teach."
Bridget Kercoba, School Counselor, Trinity Lutheran School, Joppa, MD


"The marriage of message to magic, comedy, & story are strengths. Memorable. Engaging."
Jill Rowan, LCPC, School Counselor, St. James Academy, Monkton, MD


"Excellent presentation. Active participation from students. Gave solutions to deal with bullies."
Amy Barker, School Counselor, Harford Hills Elementary, Baltimore, MD


"Our school loved this!"
Katie Leishear, School Counselor, Glenmar Elementary, Baltimore, MD 

Cecil County

"The humor maintained student engagement and enthusiasm-- excellent role-playing to demonstrate strategies."
Susan Gough, School Counselor, Bainbridge Elementary, Port Deposit, MD


"Excellent-- an integral part of our counseling program. Well done!"

"Great performance!"
Christie Edelson, School Counselor, Bay View Elementary, Northeast, MD


"Students loved the tricks, the humor, and all of us appreciated the content! Well done!"
Shaun Johnson, AP, Bayview Elementary, Northeast MD 

Frederick County

"The message was simple and clear. Nice transition for the older audience. Using students for role play was excellent. Magic was great!"
Gloria Mitchell, School Counselor, Liberty Elementary, Libertytown, MD


"The kids loved the program, and the "take away" messages were simple and clear."
Cindy Kuhn, PTA, Walkersville Elementary, Walkersville, MD


"Great performance and message. Thank you!"
Kathy Prichard, Principal, Yellow Springs Elementary, Frederick, MD 

Howard County

"Simple message...reinforcing the Golden Rule with humor & magic... kids loved it! I was already able to reinforce the same concepts and use the same language in an individual couseling session."
Maria Phillips, School Psychologist, Stevens Forest Elementary, Columbia, MD 

Montgomery County

"Excellent performance skills held everyone's attention. Thank you for coming. You got rave reviews from students and staff. An excellent program!"

Vivienne Patton, School Counselor, Gaithersburg Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD


"The perfect message delivered in the perfect way for our lower school kids. Everyone is buzzing!"
Jenni Voorhees, Cultural Arts Coordinator, Sidwell Friends School, Bethesda, MD


"The kids were totally engaged and are still talking about the awesome assembly...The adults also very much enjoyed the show. I plan on referring to the pledge and strategies when working with our kids. Thanks again!"
Amy Recks, School Counselor, Goshen Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD


"Fun! Excellent use of humor and the pacing was very good. The staff and students thoroughly enjoyed it and the message was perfect!"
Jen Ehlers, School Counselor, Jones Lane Elementary, Darnestown, MD


"The students were totally involved and on task the entire time."
Cynthia Resnick, School Counselor, Rosemont Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD


"Thanks so much Paul!!! It was excellent!"
Leah Drozdowicz, School Counselor, Maryvale Elementary, Rockville, MD


"The staff and students loved everything about the show. I loved it."
Diyana Sanders, School Counselor, Fields Road Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD


"Excellent program!"
Grace Morgenstein, School Counselor, Montgomery Knolls Elementary, Silver Spring, MD


"The show was fantastic! I've heard nothing but positive comments from both teachers and students about the show. I've hung the posters up in the hall outside of my office to reinforce the messaage that you shared yesterday."
Maureen Enstrom, School Counselor, Bradley Hills Elementary, Bethesda, MD


"The kids and staff loved it. Many commented that it was the best assembly they ever saw. You covered a very serious topic in an entertaining yet informative way. You provided the foundation for future counseling lessons."
Vicki Thomas, School Counselor, Brown Station Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD


"What a wonderful show!!! The students and staff were highly entertained through a variety of visuals, while at the same time, were able to learn skills for social success! Bravo!"
Jaclyn Berning, School Counseor, Stonegate Elementary, Silver Spring, MD


"A wonderful presentation! I really loved the 4 rules and how clear and simple they are as well as the emphasis on the role of the bystander...I also loved the emotions symphony."
Heather Bradley, School Counselor, Somerset Elementary, Chevy Chase, MD


"What a wonderful program. The staff and students are still raving about your performance! Thanks you!"
Jessica Nicholson, School Counselor, Bethesda Elementary, Bethesda, MD


"Right on target. Thank you so much for the posters-- we would love to have you come back again."
Colleen Ichniowski, School Counselor, WT Page Elementary, Silver Spring, MD


"This is a great, current and extremely relevant program for our students-- they loved it and won't soon forget it!"
Christine Castellano, School Counselor, Germantown Elementary, Germantown, MD


"I loved it. It was engaging for adults and students."
Cecelia Harmon, School Counselor, Whetstone Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD


"Great content-- supports our program totally. Kids raved about it."
Kathleen Adamczyk, School Counselor, Clarksburg Elementary, Clarksburg, MD


"A wonderful assembly-- thank you so much for coming to our school and we hope to have you back again!"
Suzanne Pape, School Counselor, Dufief Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD


"The students were totally involved and on task the entire time."
Cynthia Resnick, School Counselor, Rosemont Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

Washington County

"This assembly was relevant, motivating, entertaining, and involving of the student audience. I definitely will recommend it as part of any school's bully-free message."
David 'Doc' Holiday, School Counselor, Hancock Elementary, Hancock, MD


"Great humor! The students heard the message, saw it and some even helped act parts out. Loved the posters to remind students of the message!"
Shari Palm, Principal, Clear Spring Elementary, Clear Spring, MD


"This show truly captured the Olweus rules we've been incorporating into our school. I can't wait to bring you back for Part II and III of your show!"
Kayla Pierpoint, School Counselor, Eastern Elementary, Hagerstown, MD


"Amazing program!"
Heather McAllister, School Counselor, Conococheague Elementary, Hagerstown, MD


"It was great! Went with the Olweus theme!"
Colleen Beaver, School Counselor, Lincolnshire Elementary, Hagerstown, MD


"Students gained a clear understanding that started great dialogue in the classrooms."
Jacklyn Kinzer, School Counselor, Sharpsburg Elementary, Sharpsburg, MD


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Fairfax County

"Super-- lots of positive comments-- Follow up guidance will be easy!"
Melanie Lessard, School Counselor, Clifton Elementary, Clifton, VA


"Humor, magic, and theater... The program was a good way to reinforce what the counselors have been working on. The feedback I got was great."
Joanne Stefanick, Cultural Arts Chaair, Louise Archer Elementary, Vienna VA


"The teachers LOVED the assembly! The students really enjoyed it and got your message about bullying, laughing all the while."
Rachel May, School Counselor, Stratford Landing Elementary, Alexandria, VA


"The kids loved it and are still talking about it a week later. It was great to help me with follow-up lessons."
Wendy Lindner, School Counselor, Union Mill Elementary, Clifton, VA


"Super! Lots of positive comments-- follow up guidance will be easy-- thanks!"
Melanie Lessard, School Counselor, Clifton Elementary, Clifton, VA


"Funny and informative-- great visuals!"
Alison Bartnek, School Counselor, Saratoga Elementary, Springfield, VA


"Loved the cyberbullying section for older kids. We would love to have you back for Part II."
Lynn Bush & Jayne Mejia, School Counselors, White Oaks Elementary, Burke, VA


"Met our needs perfectly! Hope to have you back."
Linda Clark, School Counselor, Greenbriar East Elementary, Fairfax, VA


"I have heard repeatedly from staff & students that this was the best assembly they'd attended in a very long time. Very impressed."
Deborah Storck, School Counselor, Hollin Meadows Elementary, Alexandria, VA


"Excellent program!"
Carol Hoffman, School Counselor, Poplar Tree Elementary, Chantilly, VA


"Very concrete application of a complex issue. The kids love it. Thanks!"
Pam Morgan, Principal, Fairhill Elementary, Fairfax, VA


"Helpful and powerful-- don't change anything. Loved it!"
Carol Larsen, Principal, Deer Park Elementary, Centreville, VA


"Age appropriate informationmade for a dynamic presentation that our students will remember and bea able to draw from for a long time! I thought you gentlemen were fabulous!"
Kerrin Martin, 6th Grade Teacher, Greenbriar East Elementary, Fairfax, VA


"Powerful message in an entertaining format."
Chris Bussarich, Asst. Principal, Woodburn Elementary, Falls Church, VA


"Our staff really loved the assembly and we felt it reinforced our steps to handle bullies. Really liked using our students as helpers."
Ann Hatcher, School Counselor, Woodburn Elementary, Falls Church VA

Fauquier County

"This was so enjoyable and worthwhile! It was the best!"
Rebecca Harre, School counselor, C.M. Bradley Elementary, Warrenton, VA 

Loudoun County

"We are very appreciative to both of you for delivering such a wonderful program, incorporating our steps STOP-WALK-TALK, and allowing our students to participate. We would love to have you back."
Alysia Brown, School Counselor, Clifton Elementary, Clifton, VA


"Very clear-- entertaining, engaging, relevant and important message."
N. Torregrossa, Principal, Forest Grove Elementary Sterling, VA

"All of the kids were totally engaged... thanks for tailoring the program to match our bullying steps! Amazing results-- from K-adult absolutely loved it!"
Jeananne Bresnan, School Counselor, Culbert Elementary, Hamilton, VA


"The teachers and students all loved it."
Cyndi McCrea, School Counselor, Evergreen Mill Elementary, Leesburg, VA 

Orange County

"The message was clear and easily understood by all k-5. It was great to have a program that aligned so beautifully with Olweus and our school's bullying prevention program and efforts."
Karen McKean, School Counselor, Gordon Barbour Elementary, Gordonsville, VA 

Prince William County

"This assembly is a wonderful tool to help empower students to make a positive change in their class and school. Our entire school loved it!"
Melanie Riley, School Counselor, Signal Hill Elementary, Manassas, VA


"Very professional, engaging way to portray and anti-bullying message-- relevant, contemporary, and loads of humor."
Julie Wilson, School Counselor, Enterprise Elementary, Woodbridge, VA


"Stories about kids who are bullied, role plays, and the humor kept students engaged!"
Sarah Fullerton, School Counselor, Gravely Elementary, Haymarket, VA


"The teachers and students loved the show and the students really understood the message. Thanks so much!"
Rebecca Marshall, School counselor, Bel Air Elementary, Woodbridge, VA


"The high quality and appropriately paced program was especially successful in using a great blend of humor, mageic and acrobatics to captivate the attention of students from age five to twelve. The teachers were also highly entertained and laughed as much as the students!"
Melissa Masino, School Counselor, Potomac View Elementary, Woodbridge, VA


"Students and teachers are still raving about how much they enjoyed your visit."
Anna Griffith, School counselor, Loch Lomond Elementary, Manassas, VA


"Outstanding program!"
Ginnie Ripperger, Principal, Springwoods Elementary, Woodbridge, VA


"Everyone Belongs was one of our best assemblies. It was not only fun, but excellent tips and strategies were modeled."
Donna Cole, School Counselor, Mountain View Elementary, Haymarket, VA


"The entire audience was engaged-- I loved the humor and student participation."
Beth O'Connor, School Counselor, Kilby Elementary, Woodbridge, VA


"All of the kids and teachers are saying that this was THE best assembly they have ever seen. Thank you for all that you put into it and the difference it will make for our kids and school. YOU ARE TERRIFIC!"
Julie Chamberlain, School Counselor, Tyler Elementary, Gainesville, VA


"The skills to get out of a bullying situation were presented in a thought-provoking, humorous way. Hope to have you again!"
Annece Flood, School Counselor, Glenkirk Elementary, Gainesville, VA


"The kids loved it-- Lots of positive feedback from the faculty and students!"
Michelle Sushner, School Counselor, Henderson Elementary, Montclair, VA


"Very helpful-- used the same terminology and language as our school does-- and used our Olweus survey data. Kept the students' attention and the volunteers loved it!"
Erin Schneider, School Counselor, Sonnie P. Penn Elementary, Woodbridge, VA


"Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students."
Anaid Shaver, School Counselor, Thurgood Marshall Elementary, Manassas, VA


"We love your show. Thanks for coming."
Robin Vaneman, School Counselor, Bristow Run Elementary, Bristow, VA 


Spotsylvania County

"Right on target with Olweus-- the kids had a great time participating-- I loved the visuals and roleplay."
Brooke Marshall, School Counselor, Cedar Forest Elementary, Fredericksburg, VA


"Worth every penny!"
Darlene Keener, Bully Program Coordinator, Cedar Forest Elementary, Fredericksburg, VA



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Bucks County

"I felt the program really brought all of our students together and on the same page regarding bullying. They loved it, but, more importantly, they learned."
Dave Zucker, Vice Principal, School Lane Charter School, Bensalem, PA

"It's great that you have a background in counseling and use a lot of social and character components. Great job!"
Tammy Angelini, Bucks County Olweus Administrator, Bucks County PA 

Daniel Boone Area S.D.

"Thank you for a superb presentation."
Michele Weber, School Counselor, Amity Intermediate, Douglassville, PA 

Elizabethtown Area S.D.

"I would highly recommend the program. It was right on target! It kept the audience's attention throughout and meshed nicely with our bully prevention program. Keep up the good work!"
Daniel A Poukish, School Counselor, East High Street Elementary, Elizabethtown, PA

Middletown Area S.D.

"Overall excellent program that covers a very important message-- well done!"
Kim Guyer, School Counselor, Fink Elementary, Middletown, PA 

North Penn S.D.

"Enjoyed by students, staff and visitors-- age appropriate differentiation, research-based and timely-- simple and effective-- wonderful!"
Denise Daniele, School Counselor, Kulp Elementary, Hatfield, PA


South Eastern S.D.


"We had a blast! Thank you for helping us drive home the rules and expectations for all to be safe and healthy. You rock!!!"
Suzan R. Simko, School Counselor, Stewartstown Elementary, Stewartstown, PA 

Spring Grove Area S.D.

"Educational and entertaining! Come back next year!"
Patrick H. Moore, School Counselor, Spring Grove Intermediate, Spring Grove, PA


"Thank you for an exceptional program that was both meaningful and enjoyable."
Sherry Vojcsik, School Counselor, Spring Grove Elementary, Spring Grove, PA


"Effective use of multi-media-- engaged students with humor, magic, poetry-- got the message across. Come back soon!"
David Mohan, School Counselor, Paradise Elementary, Paradise, PA 

Upper Dublin S.D.

"The message was clear-cut and concise. Program was personalized and actively engaged students and faculty."
Joshua Meyer, School Counselor, Thomas Fiitzwater Elementary, Willow Grove, PA 



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Capital School District

"Our staff and I feel empowered and you left us inspired! The feedback taht I received from students and staff was incredible. I will recommend you to everyone!"
Kristin Capone, School Counselor, Booker T. Washington, Elementary, Dover, DE

Indian River School District

"Thank you for the wonderful performance-- content was right on target-- students and staff really enjoyed it! I would highly recommend it to other schools."
Meghan Baughan, School Counselor, North Georgetown Elementary, Georgetown, DE