Praise for Taking Care

"Role-playing by students-- great use of props and visual aids-- addressing rumors and teasing-- lots of audience interaction-- Great Assembly!" 
David Mohan, School Counselor, Paradise Elementary, Thomasville, PA

"Just the right amount of humor, entertainment & providing important information. We loved it!"
Vicki Thomas, School Counselor, Brown Station Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

"It was wonderful!"
Elizabeth Hofmann, School Counselor, Potomac Heights Elementary, Hagerstown, MD

"The kids were dazzled! We enjoyed the show!"
Cheryl James, School Counselor, Greenville Elementary, Nokesville, VA

"I loved the shows you've done for us-- You have a great presence with kids-- Encore!"
Deb Dalton, 1st Grade Teacher, Greenville Elementary, Nokesville, VA

"Very interactive and clear. Loved the Fazool story."
Christie Meuer, School Counselor, Summit Hall Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

"Cyberbullying, visuals, magic tricks-- the program was wonderful! Many teachers & students commented on how good it was & how much they enjoyed it."
Claire Dennis, School Counselor, Yorkshire Elementary, Manassas, VA

"I want to thank you for another wonderful performance! The feedback from the staff and students gave you both all 5's!"
Anaid Shaver, School Counselor, Thurgood Marshall Elementary, Manassas, VA

"The students, staff and parents were thoroughly engaged and entertained. As a result, everyone carried the "lessons" learned away with them."
Sandy Johansen, School Counselor, Yellow Springs Elementary, Frederick, MD

"The kids responded to your characters and that helped them to listen and focus. We love your work and encourage you to make a 3rd show."
Jenni Voorhees, Cultural Arts Coordinator, Sidwell Friends School, Bethesda, MD

"We always appreciate your efforts and message."
Robert Shick, Principal, New Salem Elementary, York, PA

"What I love most is hearing the students comment about the program and make use of the strategies taught long after the program. The information really sticks! Thanks for another fantastic program!"
Amy Recks, School Counselor, Goshen Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

"Loved the level of student engagement."
Karen Folk, School Counselor, Fountaindale, Elementary, Hagerstown, MD

"Thanks for a fabulous performance-- I am finding from the evaluations that no one can think of a way to improve Taking Care. The content is just what the kids need to learn, and they understand your messages."
Cynthia Resnick, School Counselor, Rosemont Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

"The kids LOVED your show. Once again, the staff and students talked about it for days afterwards. Thanks for the fun-filled meaningful assembly"
Nancy Schlenoff, School Counselor, Sussex Elementary, Baltimore, MD

"Excellent show! Mr. Paul and Mr. Barry proved once again to be a dynamic duo in helping students to understand the importance of treating each other with respect and having empathy toward one another."
Maureen Enstrom, School Counselor, Bradley Hills Elementary, Bethesda, MD

"I particularly felt the role playing (using our students) was very effective. The rumor portion of the presentation was also super. Mr. Paul and Mr. Barry held the attention of the audience while the students learned various strategies to ward off and recognize bullying."
Denise Kuhna, Assistant Principal, Fountaindale Elementary, Hagerstown, MD

"This assembly is a wonderful tool to help empower students to make a positive change in their class and school. Our entire school loved it!"
Melanie Riley, School Counselor, Signal Hill Elementary, Manassas, VA

"Love the show."
Josephine Selepak, School Counselor, Signal Hill Elementary, Manassas, VA

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