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"Remember, most students never try to hurt anyone. When they as the majority are given skills and guidance, the school culture can assume a new tone. Others will fall in step. If parents support the school's message, teachers model warmth and kindness, and student bystanders greet mean jokes with silence instead of laughter, then aggressors will adjust to the cues of the system: one that values empathy, assertiveness, and respect."

-Excerpt from The Systems Approach, thebullyblog


Below are some forms that we typically use. For instance, if you are wondering what our contract looks like or what is included in the contract addendum, here are links to PDF versions:

Sample Contract- a blank, performance contract.

Sample Contract Addendum- this addendum provides the guidelines for choosing students who will be prompted for and will participate in role-play situations during the program.

Sample Press Release- a blank press release sent with contracts to be used for school newsletters, local newspapers, etc.

Student Survey- this is a short survey for schools that would like to gather data about bullying-- this data can be incorporated into the assembly to address specific bullying problems.

Evaluation Form- a form for counselors, principals, and faculty to offer feedback after viewing the program.