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"Remember, most students never try to hurt anyone. When they as the majority are given skills and guidance, the school culture can assume a new tone. Others will fall in step. If parents support the school's message, teachers model warmth and kindness, and student bystanders greet mean jokes with silence instead of laughter, then aggressors will adjust to the cues of the system: one that values empathy, assertiveness, and respect."

-Excerpt from The Systems Approach, thebullyblog

Teacher Guides

Welcome! Below are Teacher Guides for the assembly programs Everyone Belongs and Taking Care. Feel free to print them and hand them out to teachers before the program or send them the link. You will also find links to supporting PDF documents. Teachers frequently request transcripts of songs or poetry performed in the show to use in class. I've included some of them as well. If you have further suggestions or requests, just let me know.

 Everyone Belongs Teacher Guide (click)

Taking Care Teachers Guide (click)